Cupid has just dropped by Echo Kids

Când vine February, cu tolba plină de affection, cu gifts și other presents, când dă șansa de a oferi și roses sau forget-me-nots, când arrows zboară și aduc kisses și hugs, then…it’s Valentine’s Day!

We’ve celebrated too, cu good music, vivid games, cu funny rhymes but especially cu mixed lines până ce s-a creat original poetry. Câteva din poeziile elevilor noștri sunt scrise în continuare, noi le apreciem și le premiem pe fiecare în parte!

My Valentine Chocolates,
Alexandru Dinu, grupă Marile Speranțe

“My love might be like a cabbage,
Wrapped in red cellophane,
For if you won’t be my Valentine
I’ll cry aloud, I’ll start to whine!
And I will no longer plead with you,
Come running to my call!”

…When love is like a cabbage,
Emanuel Puică, grupă Marile Speranțe

Your heart should beat with mine,
For if you won’t be my Valentine,
I’ll scream, I’ll yell, I’ll bite!
And in the handsomest cab of all,
To find myself with ordinary candies…
…that is when love is like a cabbage…

Veggie Valentine,
Alexandru Stepanian, grupă Marile Speranțe

You may not “carrot” all for me,
The way I “carrot” for you.
Still, forever “lettuce” hope
That, undivided into two,
We’d drive to Spain, Maine or Spokane!”

My Valentine,
Vlad Anghel, grupă Marile Speranțe

My Valentine,
The heart I’ll give to you!
Nothing could be any sweeter
Than you being my Valentine.
I’d park each day right by your door
And honk and frown and fret and pine
For not even ticking million miles
Would be more than piece of pie
If you will be my Valentine.

An angry Valentine,
Ana Mateescu, grupă Marile Speranțe

There is no reason in the world
That I’ve been looking for
Why all hearts shouldn’t grow
Or love marvelous show.
But if we two don’t “cantaloupe”,
Of course I’ll scream and yell and bite at once!

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